Terms and Conditions

Pretty simple from our end:

  • We won’t sell your data
  • We reserve the right to edit or remove any listings submitted to the directory
  • We don’t make any guarantees that your listing will be seen by visitors, however there is no algorithm to dictate which listings are shown and when.
  • We aim to approve and publish any listings and claims within 24 hours
  • We provide all content AS IS – we don’t guarantee the accuracy of any information on the site. Though we’ll do our best.

And from your end:

  • You won’t submit hateful, racist, or threatening content.
  • You won’t use the site to promote anything beyond hockey related content (team listings, clinics, etc.)
  • You won’t take the content submitted by any other user to use elsewhere
  • You won’t attempt to access the site in any way that harms other users, listings, teams, visitors, etc.