Managers and Coaches

Welcome to the site! We hope to create a useful central location for coaches, managers, and parents to use at one of the most stressful times of the year: tryout season. Part of this requires your help, so we tried to make this site as user friendly and simple as possible for you to create, update, and manage your team’s listing.

Benefits of using this site:

  • Using Facebook and other social media sites to promote your team, means relying on their algorithms. You have no control over who and how many people see your post
  • Your team’s HockeyTryout page can be a central location for communicating with and updating prospective families
  • Share your HockeyTryouts page instead and see interest levels in your team through the displayed view count in search results

We’ve created a Getting Started guide below to help you get your listing up and published for the world to see. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know!


Jason and

PS – Organizations: I can also do a bulk import of some basic team information to help your coaches get started. Fill out this Excel file and email it to Send questions, if you need help!

Getting Started: Creating or Claiming a Team Listing

1. First step, if you don’t have an account, is to create an account. We want to limit spam and hacking attempts (you’d be surprised how many attempts we get!), so having an account with a secure password is important. You will receive a confirmation email after registering. Make sure to follow the instructions in that email to verify your account. (We get a lot of spam registrations!)

2. Once you have an account and are logged in, you can search for your team.

From there you can do one of the following:

  • If your team does not existing on the site yet, Add a Listing. 
  • If a listing exists for your team (a bunch of teams have listings so there is a basic starting point), simply click the Claim button on the listing page to submit a claim request.

Note: When submitting a claim: please provide some basic info about yourself (name, phone number, details on your connection to the team), so we can verify that the correct person is claiming the listing. We do verify all listings and claims prior to publishing them on the site.  (With that said, the easiest path to getting approved is making sure the info provided matches what has been published on your organization’s website. This includes: coach name, contact info, etc.)

Information you can provide when creating or editing a listing:

  • Team name, age and level
  • Coach Name
  • Coach contact information
  • Tryout dates and times
  • Tryout location
  • Team bio and images; including website and social media accounts
  • Positions you are looking for and number of openings

3. Once your new listing or claim has been approved, it will appear in the directory and assigned to your account. You will then have the ability to update your listing in the future, at any time you need, simply by logging in and going to your dashboard. Click the Edit button and make any changes you need. Just remember to save your updates!

4. By default, listings expire after one year. The site will send out a reminder 30 days before the expiration date, allowing you time to renew and edit your listing. If the listing is not renewed, it will automatically be deleted. You are free to create a new listing at any time, however.


Once again, if you have questions please let us know!

NEW! Players Looking for Teams

In March we added a new section to the site, allowing for parents looking for a team to post a “in search of” listing with details. It’s a great place to go if you are in need of players. You can filter by birth year and position, then click on any listing that matches your needs to see more details. Once you are on the details page, you can use the contact form to get a hold of the parent regarding their player. Let’s make some matches and keep these kids playing hockey! 

Support the Site

Running this site costs me about $150 per year in hosting fees, so any tips/donations would be greatly appreciated! I would love to keep the site free of advertising or charging for extra features. Thank you in advance for your support!